DONE is better than PERFECT.



I have been wanting to re-start my digital diary for more than a year now.  

I mostly kept putting if off because I wanted everything to be perfect for its launch.  

Perfect “first post”. Perfect “amount of posts to keep people interested”. Perfect “opening images”. Perfect “timing”. Perfect “site design” and etc, but all of that perfection seeking stifled my progress.  I used to do the same thing on my my  YouTube channel, but after some thought and a little bit of Gary Lee I’ve learned to just go for it and post whatever I can, when I can.  It doesn’t have to have perfect lighting, I don’t have to have perfect hair, makeup or wardrobe. As a professional photographer I want my images to always reflect my creative talents, skills and beauty. However, beautiful photography often takes way more time that snapping a pretty photo or videos. There are so many ways one could go in terms of design, lighting, styling and etc. So as a professional photographer and full-time mom (5 & 3yr old) , I used to cringe while forcing myself to post a barely edited video or image in the name of “just start”.

In writing this, I’m thinking, “why hadn’t I applied that just-do-it spirit to this site?!”  I have to regularly remind myself that the most important part about doing anything is to just START! We often allow ourselves get so bogged down about small details that we don't get anything done in the process of seeking perfection. So, here I am, that is what this post is about. STARTING.  I want to share what I have, right where I am and we can grow and figure it all out together?

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One of my favorite places in the world...

 Almafi Coast, Italy.

Almafi Coast, Italy.