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Planning a trip to Scotland? START HERE.

Planning a trip to Scotland? START HERE.

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Abundant wildflowers, rolling green hills, blue skies and magic.

The year was 2005. And after experiencing one of California’s heaviest rains and then hopping into a car, driving thru Death Valley during one of its “super blooms”. I am forever inspired to visit places with abundant wild flowers, rolling green hills and blue skies. Any combination of the 3 just does something magical to me. Then fast forward to almost 2007, I receive a catalog from one of my favorite brands, Jcrew.  It was their 2007 Holiday catalog. 

Knocked. My. Socks. OFF! I had to know where they shot those images!!! Thank god the location info was listed within the story of their spread. 

Isle of Skye.

I have to go. I will go.

Don’t get it twisted, there are places in America that embody the beauty of rolling green hills ( or vast greenery) and blue skies, cue, Maui and Ojai during spring. However, each of those places deserve a post of their own, so we will save them for another day. 

Right now we are, figuratively, headed to the incredibly gorgeous, Isle of Skye.  

If I were packing my bags for a spring trips here are some of the places my family or I would visit, do, eat or sleep.

I hope this post inspires you to take-that-trip!  

Please let me know what you think in the comment section below!

When to go?

Personally, I like to travel at least a week or 2 before or after peak season (take advantage of better pricing and avoid large crowds).

Based on my research, Isle of Skye generally get lots of rain. However, April through June tends to be its driest months.

By they way, Europeans don’t mess around with their vacation time, so places get booked rather quickly, so be sure to act ASAP!! If you’re booking summer months you will want to start planning and booking 3-6 months out… Remind me to tell you about that I time I booked a summer trip to Rome semi-last minute! Haha! Whew chile!

Check out the difference in ticket prices when booking in April versus July (peak season)!

YOWZA! See why it is so important, for the budget conscious, to travel off-peak? More than double the cost to travel during peak season.

Not to mention, most hotels will be completely booked and charging premium rates as well…. more on that later.

Where to Sleep?

Here are are a number of beautiful options, availabitly varies, of course, but wow! Super gorgeous. I’ve looked at more than a dozen properties and I’m happy to see that accommodations are rather affordable, but booking early is key. Can’t stress that enough.

*Click the links if you like to learn more about the featured properties!

Food. Where shall we dine?

Cafe Arriba (Vegetarian options)

Blue Shed Cafe (Vegetarian & Vegan options)

Things to Do

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy